“Best Christmas Pageant Ever” at Seattle Public Theatre

The Seattle Public Theatre offers two Christmas shows. “Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol,” is the one designed for an adult audience that yearns for a new take on an old standard. “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” tells a funny seasonal story and gives the children in the theatre’s acting school a chance to show their stuff along with four adults.

Last year I saw the Jacob Marley work and thoroughly enjoyed it. I assume it is equally good this year, but I didn’t see it. Instead, I attended a performance of “The Best Christmas . . .”, a tale of good kids and bad kids and how the miracle of Christmas makes all little children good kids.

This is the one to take the children to. They will love seeing a stage full of kids of all ages and will relate to the experience of facing bullies and achieving peace with them. They will forgive any overacting, finding it, instead, just right. They and you will love the antics of the extremely energetic Christmas angel. And in the end, you’ll all be moved by a nativity tableau that you might have guessed could never happen.

Through Dec. 24 at the Bathhouse, 7312 W. Greenlake Dr. N., Seattle. (206 524-1300 or www.seattlepublictheatre.org) Check the theatre’s web site or box office for dates of each production.

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