“Oh Lovely Glowworm, or Scenes of Great Beauty” produced by New Century Theatre Company”

“Glowworm” is magical, comical, and intellectually challenging theatre produced by a company that has wowed audiences with its first three productions. If you like innovation, the absurd, and Samuel Beckett, you’ll love this prize-winning play. If you prefer straightforward plot, it will be a challenge, but one well worth taking.

In the play are two soldiers, bosom buddies willing to kill one another for love. But there’s also an aspiring scientist who yearns to invent the flush toilet, despite the ridicule of his cranky old mother.  Add to that mix a gorgeous mermaid/siren floating on a bar of soap in a roiling lake. All this is seen through the eyes of a stuffed goat that spent its life tethered to a garbage heap, in Ireland in the early years of the 20th Century. The goat can’t see or hear so it has constructed a world with beautiful scenes in its mind.

This production is glorious. The set includes two-story tall swans that float gracefully about, and a moon that’s even bigger. There’s wonderful background music evoking the era. Each one of the actors is remarkable, and, as an ensemble, their timing is superb.

The play includes unforgettable lines like, “A man is to be judged by what he attempts, not by what he accomplishes.”  For those who are willing to be challenged, this attempt offers accomplished theatre.

Through May 14 by New Century Theatre Company (www.newcenturytheatrecompany.org)


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