“Synthetic” at Winston Wächter Fine Art

Isn’t it supposed to be summertime when the air is clear, the colors are bright, and life is savory? Seattle’s weather isn’t giving us all we hope for this year, but step over to the Winston Wächter gallery on Dexter Avenue, and you’ll find summer scenes, bright colors, and a vibrancy that the climate lacks.

Six artists working in different media titillate memory and senses. Liz Hickok offers translucent images of cityscapes that appear to be made out of jello. The shimmering, jello-mold models she creates deteriorate over time, but these cities of her imagination live on in her photographs.

Margeaux Walter is another photographer who creates scenes, but hers are 3-D lenticulars that consist of separate interlacing images laminated under a lenticular lens. The process causes the images to move about as the viewer looks at them from different angles. She invites you to imagine the story behind the image. Like Cindy Sherman, she plays roles, allowing wigs and costumes to transform her. Bathing beauties loll in a hot tub, a woman has an unfortunate accident with her cell phone, each large-scale image is precisely rendered, fun, and simply fascinating.

Shane McAdams creates “synthetic landscapes.” Imbedded within his large panels are exquisite depictions of the natural world. But they peek out at the viewer from behind a dense abstract overlay of color and texture. The viewer has the sense of gaining insight into a beautiful secret or gazing through an uneven peephole that reveals a wonderland.

Elizabeth Gahan explores the interrelationships of natural and manmade environments in paintings that combine media. Liz Tran’s collaged canvases combine the fanciful with the synthetic. Susan Dory’s pieces have large swaths of color that flow and intersect.

As the title “Synthetic” suggests, in this show you’ll find an interesting and quite satisfying combination of the natural and the man-made with summer color and evocative images. Take a look at the Wächter web site to convince yourself to go.

Through Sept. 2, 2011 at Winston Wächter Gallery, 203 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle, 206 652-5855 or www.winstonwachter.com.

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