“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at Arts West

Many of us remember those midnight shows in the ‘70s and ‘80s when dressed like our favorite characters and armed with candles, toast, water pistols and other paraphernalia we’d troop into movie theatres ready to sing along with Frank, Magenta, Brad, Janet and all the rest of the Rocky Horror cast.

The Arts West audience shouldn’t come with paraphernalia, but it is invited to dress appropriately for this show. And what a lively and terrific show it is! This sexually explicit cult classic has lost none of its appeal over time. And the Arts West energetic and talented group of young actors makes it sizzle.

They do full justice to Richard O’Brien’s memorable book, music and lyrics. The voices blend well together and some of them are truly outstanding. Directors Christopher Zinovitch, Kimberly Dare, and Bobby Temple have provided us with clever staging, good music, and snappy dancing. A few minor changes to the original have been made to adapt the play to this stage, but this production captures all of the original’s electricity.

It runs Wednesday through Saturday this week. So head over to Arts West for a nostalgia trip. And if you’ve never seen Rocky Horror before, you’ve got a terrific initiation in store for you. But do remember, this isn’t for children.

Through July 23 at Arts West Playhouse, 4711 California Ave. SW, Seattle; (206 938-0339 or www.artswest.org)

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