Endangered Species Project

Want to know the best theatre deal in town? Go to www.endangeredspeciesproject.org where you won’t learn about the Adriatic Sturgeon or the Grosbeak Bunting. Instead you’ll see a listing of the once-a-month staged readings provided by some of Seattle’s finest theatre artists and offered at no cost to the people of Seattle. (Though of course donations are accepted.)

You know what a staged reading is, right? No set, props, or costumes, just the voices and gestures of the actors to work their magic.

Last night I was transported to late 19th C. Russia as characters from Anton Chekhov’s “The Wood Demon” came to life before my eyes. All their neuroses, fantasies, yearnings, loves and hatreds were right there before me. It was simply wonderful.

The group performed at Seattle Public Theatre at the Bathhouse yesterday. Next month on July 18 they’ll be at Taproot Theatre offering a staged reading of “They Knew What they Wanted” by Sidney Howard.

The actors and directors who offer these free delights want to provide you with an opportunity to experience some of those neglected plays that should be produced but won’t be because it would cost too much in today’s harsh economic environment. Take advantage of their generosity. You won’t be sorry.



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