New Century Theatre’s Free Reading Salon

If you love theatre, you’ve got to love the fact that you live in Seattle. Yes, we’re a long way from Broadway, but we have exquisite talent here and untold opportunities to see what it can do, sometimes even without cost. I’ve already written about the Endangered Species Project that offers wonderfully good free readers’ theatre at various Seattle theatres every third Monday of the month. Now let me tell you about another little gem.

Every third Monday of the month at Solo Bar (200 Roy St.) cast members of the New Century Theatre Company read from a script selected by one of the troupe. It too is a free evening (donations accepted). The reading starts at 7:30. You can buy some food and drink if you are so inclined or just settle in on one of the comfy chairs and enjoy the performance.

On Nov. 21 “Holy Days” by Sally Nemeth was featured. You probably never heard of it, and that’s one of the reasons it was chosen. It’s a stark tone poem of a play about four struggling people in the dying Dust Bowl plains of Kansas during the 1930s.

Hans Altwies, Darragh Kennan, Jen Taylor, and Amy Thone played the brothers and their wives who desperately try to hang on as their world steadily blows away. Overall the acting was powerful. But Amy Thone as one of the wives was incredible. She looked weary at the start; gradually more and more life was sucked out of her. She morphed into a Walker Evans or Dorothea Lange portrait of suffering womanhood. What a performance!

Check out the company’s web site. Not all theatre is dark on third Monday nights in Seattle.

New Century Theatre Company 1122 E. Pike St. #598, Seattle 98112 or

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