“The Gene Pool” Arouet Productions

The family in “Gene Pool” is composed of son, Peter (well played by Kyle Johnson) and his mom Mira and and his mom Claire. At Peter’s eighteenth birthday, he requests, among other things, information about the male whose genes he carries. This causes no little consternation in his tight-knit family. Sadly it comes at a time that there’s also a heart- breaking rift between the moms.

It’s a thought provoking, heart tugging, laugh inducing play by Christi Stewart-Brown, well directed by Roy Arauz, and featuring a cast of highly competent actors. Amelia Meckler and Colleen Carey as the Moms are splendid as are  supporting players Zandi Carlson and Bruce Erickson.

See my full review in The Seattle Times NWFriday section of June 10.

Through June 19 at Annex Theatre, 1100 E. Pike St, Seattle. (800-838-3006 or www.annextheatre.org).

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