“The Odyssey” at Taproot Theatre

Oh that Mary Zimmerman! How can one resist her marvelous adaptations of classic epics? Taproot Theatre opens its season with her take on “The Odyssey.” Their production does her proud. If you want to refresh your own memory of Homer’s masterwork or introduce it to your children (8 years and older), make your way to 85th Street and be ready to gasp at poor Odysseus’ trials, cheer at his heroics, marvel at his quick thinking, and despair at his occasional lapses in judgment. Happily, you’ll be able, finally, to rejoice in his success.

The production has been cleverly staged and directed by Scott Nolte. The costumes by Sarah Burch Gordon are lovely and witty (look closely for inside jokes like the feathers on Hermes shoes). And I loved the way music and special effects had been incorporated.

The acting isn’t consistently up to the level of the rest of the production, but there are some outstanding performances. Nikki Visel as Athena is terrific. There’s no question she’s a Goddess and a powerful one at that. Mark Chamberlin as Odysseus is masterful. He can be convincing as hero or fool. And somehow he captures the spirit of the mighty as well as that of everyman.

Through March 5 at Taproot Theatre, 204 N. 85th Street, Seattle. (206 781-9707 or www.taproottheatre.org/buy-tickets/)

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