Welcome to my blog where you’ll see short reviews of Seattle art exhibits and theatre productions, as well as occasional commentary on other cultural offerings in Seattle.Perhaps you’ve already seen my arts and theatre reviews in print. I’ve been a freelance critic in Seattle for many years, first with the “Queen Anne and Magnolia News” and then with “The Seattle Times” for which I still write. This blog is associated with neither paper. It is a completely independent offering where the views represent my thinking alone.

The blog is a response to the vibrant cultural community here in Seattle and the decreasing ability of print journals to cover everything there is to see. From the biggest theatres to the tiniest venues there are always plays in Seattle worth seeing as there are art exhibitions both in museums and galleries. The more blogs there are, the more likely it is that people will learn about what they might really enjoy.

It won’t be possible for me to cover everything, and some of what I cover will be the same as that covered in Seattle’s print media. So this blog will be still another voice against which you can weigh your own judgments. Most important will be my role as critic of the presentations that you might not otherwise hear about. I look forward to your thoughts about what Seattleites ought to be seeing. Join me!

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