You missed it!!!

At 5:30 on May 5, May’s First Thursday activities began as revelers dressed in outlandish costumes hopped, skipped, and jumped down First Ave. from SAM toward Pioneer Square following a brass band. It was a joyous parade of children and adults celebrating art and the Nick Cave show that will be at the museum until June 5.

The revelers were greeted under the hammering man at the museum’s entrance by 10-foot-tall Mercia whose pants were covered in straw hats and reached all the way to the bottom of her stilts. Merrymakers dressed in fur, feathers, sheets, ribbons, silver foil, velvet, banners, dreadlocks, animal ears, jar tops, fringe, masks, and anything else they could find to create outlandish costumes. They along with three bands made a happy scene. A huge rhinoceros vied with a silver headed hammer for my vote as most astounding costumes.

For those of you who aren’t aware of First Thursdays, know that the art galleries are all open. SAM is free that day, and it’s a wonderful time to take in Seattle’s art scene downtown, and do it every month.



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