“Disco Pigs” produced by Sound Theatre Company

If you liked the movies “Trainspotting” or “Clockwork Orange” you’ll no doubt find similarities in this production of “Disco Pigs”. Adapted from the 2001 film by Edna Walsh, it’s an emotional roller coaster as two characters come of age and explore their violent inclinations.

Pig and Runt, Irish teenagers who were born on the same day, are closer than jam on bread. They have their own language; they can practically read each other’s thoughts. They love the same disco music and the same wild behavior. They are explosive, fierce, one could say unsocialized beings who run amuck. But all they need is each other so to hell with the rest of the world.

But something happens when they are 17. Runt begins to catch the eye of boys other than Pig, and Pig’s hormones are beginning to respond to Runt’s female body. It doesn’t end well.

The tension and hostility are so up front that the play just wouldn’t work with the wrong actors. Fortunately Fox Rain Matthews and Alyssa Kay as directed by Giani Truzzi are up to the demands of the script. Kay’s face is an emotional encyclopedia. You can find whatever you need there, and her physicality is amazing. In one remarkable scene she has an explosive fight with an opponent we can’t see.

Matthews is wound as tight as a spring, ready to ricochet or bounce off the walls at every moment, every moment except when he’s daydreaming of better things and his face becomes placid, poignant.

The wonderfully realized disco lights and sounds by Richard Schaefer and Lindsey Morck intensify the volatile interactions. If only I could have understood the dialog. The actors have been carefully coached to speak in a Cork dialect. In “Trainspotting” there were English subtitles. I could have used them here.

Most performances are preceded by readings by youthful Richard Hugo House teen writers.

Through Oct. 6, Ballard Underground, 2220 NW Market St., Seattle, (800 838-3006 or www.brownpapertickets.com/event/259302

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