“Sex in Seattle 20: Happily Ever After . . .” produced by SIS Productions

SIS Productions uses humor and romantic comedy as it documents the life experiences of four contemporary young Asian American women. Over the past 12 years it has presented 20 episodes of a sex-filled soap opera focused on the efforts of these heroines to find the men of their dreams and the happiness that comes with that perfect coupling. Of course, along the way the episodes reveal conflicts that arise because of cross cultural misunderstandings and contradictions.

The men in their lives are both Anglo and Asian, and the partners change places as often as contra dancers move down the line. So be alert. It’s a challenge to keep all the couplings straight.

Between the trysts, images of the women’s mothers flash on a screen with old-country advise on how to lead the good life. It’s a fine device to emphasize the generational shift and the complexities of life for first generation Americans.

An audience has been building for the series over the years, but don’t worry if this will be your introduction to it. This final episode can stand on its own as did all the others.

Through May 26 at West of Lenin, 203 N. 36th St. Seattle, $12-$16, 206 323-9443 or tickets@sis-productions.org or Brown Paper Tickets 800-838-3006)

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