“The Producers” at Everett Performing Arts Center

If you missed seeing “The Producers” in Issaquah, order your tickets now while the production is still playing in Everett. You won’t be sorry.

Mel Brooks has the ability to conceive the unthinkable, present the outrageous, break every rule of political correctness, and cause audiences to howl with laughter at each breech of our social mores. Just in case you’ve somehow missed seeing the movie or the Broadway or traveling productions, just in case you’ve not heard about this work, I’ll quote from Mr. Brooks himself. This is “a gay romp with Adolf and Eva in Berchtesgaden.”

From the opening number to the spectacular second act highlight, “Springtime for Hitler,” you’ll find yourself doubled up with laughter. The book (Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan) is hard to beat, and this production directed by Steve Tomkins is first class. It’s full of clever stagecraft; the lighting highlights every move; the costumes are straight from Broadway. The only less than excellent aspect is the sound that doesn’t overcome the “miked” quality when the actors speak.

The entire cast is winning. Special kudos for Brian Earp who captures all the neuroticism of Leo Bloom and then bursts forth as he finds himself. With his great voice and fancy dancing, Earp makes one think of a young Matthew Broderick. And Jessica Skerritt as Ulla gives a heightened meaning to sex appeal.

This is a show where the smallest detail reinforces the humor and adds to audience enjoyment. Read the signs; study the costumes; listen carefully to the words; and let the delight overwhelm you.

Through July 29 at Everett Performing Arts Center, 2710 Wetmore Ave., Everett, 425 257-8600 or www.villagetheatre.org

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