“These Streets” at ACT

“These Streets a rock’n roll story” offered by The Central Heating lab and Harley Rudinoff Productions will appeal to you or not depending on your demographic. If you came of age in the early ‘90s, if grunge, garage, and club music was seminal to your growing up, this is a production filled with memories you’ll enjoy. If you followed the start-up bands of Seattle, especially the girl bands, this is for you. If you are into that scene today, here’s an opportunity to listen to a great concert. If you are in none of those categories, skip it.

This is not so much a play as a concert. It offers well-played music of the period within a script that gives little new insights into that or any other world.

We learn that it’s hard to get a break. Club owners can screw you. Democracy is hard to achieve even in a small band. Collaborations work well until they don’t. Then there’s likely to be accusations of stealing one another’s work. We’re even told that it’s hard to combine motherhood with career.

Not much new and exciting in those revelations. But this really isn’t an evening of theatre per se. It’s a tribute to Seattle’s women musicians, a good concert built around a slight story.

Through March 10 at ACT, 700 Union Street, Seattle, (206 292-7676 or acttheatre.org)

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