Endangered Species Project

Two years ago some of the best local theatre artists formed a group they called Endangered Species Project, and began offering, once a month, staged readings of great old plays that rarely get produced. They’re still doing it, and, if you haven’t become a fan, you are missing out.

On Feb. 11 they did Karel Capek’s “R. U. R.” a tale of man-made men, called by the humans who created them “robots.” This was the first use of that word. The robots were produced to take over the work that would free humans from the drudgery of life. In the end they take over the humans. Though written in the 1920s, Capek offers some remarkably apt concepts for contemporary society.

Next month (March 11) they present George Bernard Shaw’s “You Never Can Tell.” The performances currently take place in the library building’s theatre at North Seattle Community College. It’s free, but donations are requested.

This is remarkably good theatre, at a cost that can’t be beat. Put it on your list of things to try out.


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