“Balconies” at Annex Theatre

If gaming is your thing and you can’t wait for Comicon, you’ll find much to like in this hip new play, written and directed by Scotto Moore, now in its first theatrical presentation at Annex Theatre. It’s certainly no “Big Bang Theory” but it captures much of the world-view of that subculture.


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And, if you’ve been fascinated, indeed mystified, by the relationship of some of Hollywood’s leading stars with the Church of Scientology, you’ll find much to snicker at here. Just as “Book of Mormon” does a number on the Mormon Church, this play makes fun of the Scientologists, especially their leader. And I should mention that it also has something to say about politicos and the unseemly collaborations they sometimes make all in the effort to be reelected.

Imagine the potential for chaos on two connecting balconies when one is the locale for a political fundraiser and the other for a costume party for the creators of a hit new mobile game. It’s a funny play studded with clever lines, though it is sometimes tedious. There are fantastic costumes (Comicon, remember), creative lighting effects, and a tendency to run on too long, way too long for me.

The acting is uneven, but the two leads, Drew Highlands as Cameron, the creative gaming genius, and Katherine Karaus as Annalise, the new neighbor whose mother is running for reelection, are both up to the various emotional ups and downs of their roles.

Like oysters or frogs legs, this isn’t fare for all audiences, but, as I said, all you gamers out there will probably like it.

Through August 30, Annex Theatre, 1100 E. Pike St., Seattle, (206 728-0933 or info@annextheatre.org).

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