“Fangs by Jim Moran produced by Eclectic Theater Company

Over wrought, over acted, over written—this earnest effort needs more time at the drawing board. The concept has promise, but it hasn’t been fulfilled.

The setting is a cabin in stormy, wintry Idaho. Riley (Chris Macdonald), an ambitious state politician in a heavily Mormon state, is busy on the phone lining up support for his anti-abortion bill, pulling in his chits while his young aide Toby (Shane Regan) takes orders. Toby is a devout Mormon (except here he drinks tea and beer). Riley’s second wife Karen (Samantha Routh) sits by while the politicking goes on.

The plot thickens when Madison (Rachel Anne Godbe), Riley’s liberal daughter by his first wife staggers in to announce she’s going public with the fact that she had an abortion. Whoa! We have trouble here. Then enters Ed (Ashley Bagwell), the seemingly slow-witted game warden, who has given her a ride to this wilderness cabin.

This set up in the first act works well enough, but the second act implodes. Volatile family feuds erupt. Toby ingests a substance that causes him to lose his mind. A rifle appears as does a dead animal. More secrets are revealed then pandemonium reigns.

The scenes between Riley and daughter Madison work, and Ashley Bagwell gives his character Ed an interesting persona without unnecessary exaggeration. Most of the rest of the play needs to be toned down.

This is the month for political explorations on Seattle stages, and certainly the question of women’s rights deserves all the attention it can get. I just wish this piece had been given a little more development time.

Through Dec. 6 at the Odd Duck Studio, 1214 10th Ave., Seattle (206-679-3271 or www.brownpapertickets.com or  www.eclectictheatercompany.org)

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