“Green Whales” Presented by Foreward Flux Productions

Straight from New York to resettle in Seattle, is Forward Flux whose first two productions “Green Whales” and “Still Life” are currently being offered in rotation on Capital Hill in the theatre in Kaladi Brothers Coffee Shop/Gay City.

The space is small, and the production resources are limited, but the play I saw, “Green Whales,” was funny, smart, well acted, and well worth a visit. Director Wesley FrugĂ© has pulled together a fine cast and selected a zany vehicle to show off their talents. Since I didn’t see “Still Life” this review is based just on “Green Whales.”

Playwright Lia Romeo opens her work as two sisters remember the bad and look for the good of the mother they just buried. Joanna (played with gusto by Leslie Wisdom), the tall, voluptuous, sexpot sister commiserates with her tiny, flat chested older sister Karen (winsomely played by Rachel Anne Godbe). Poor Karen has a genetic disorder (Turner Syndrome) that causes her to look like a pre or early teen, makes it almost impossible for her to reproduce, and pretty well rules out any romance in her life.

When the sisters decide that only a pedophile would be interested in Karen, Joanna sets out to find one for her sister. What happens next is filled with misunderstandings, mistaken assumptions, bizarre coincidences, and even a little police action. Clayton Michael as the suspected pedophile who maintains his dignity and appeal throughout and Joanna’s boyfriend Roy who also happens to be a ham-handed, not very bright policeman make a very odd and very funny pair.

The play has the charm and laughs of a good sitcom. You probably won’t remember it six months from now, but my guess is that you will thoroughly enjoy it when you see it.

Through Oct. 3, Kaladi Brothers Coffee Shop/Gay City, 517 E. Pike, Seattle, (800-838-3006 or www.forward-flux.com). Check website for production calendar.

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