“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” at the Paramount Through Dec. 18

Oh Hedwig, welcome back! We knew it was you as soon as the curtains opened, the sound exploded onto the audience, and the light show proved to be an extravaganza of major proportions. There you were in all your glittering glory and trademark hairdo. It’s you all right, but my, my how very large you’ve grown. I remember the first time I saw you in Seattle. It was at Rebar, what 15 years or more ago?

Now Rebar is a fine venue, some would say “intimate” compared to the Paramount. But that was then. Since then you’ve gone on the Broadway where the inimical Neil Patrick Harris wore your gold boots! And now a national tour! Oh my goodness, a national tour with that incredible light show and the mega rock show. You’ve really grown up, my “boy.”

Oh wait, I shouldn’t call you that? You’re not really a boy at all any more are you? I suppose I’m old fashioned and that accounts for my insecurities about appropriate gender pronouns. I do know you were born with male anatomy, and I do believe you had an operation that accounts for that “angry inch.” You are, however, at least as played by Euan Morton, one impressive gender indeterminate. I’d love to know who does your hair!

And what’s with Yitzhak your husband? You certainly don’t treat him as well as might be expected. But, wait a minute, isn’t that part played by Hannah Corneau? That’s a girl’s name isn’t it? Whatever! She’s awfully good, and her transformation at the end is quite breathtaking. You all sing so well and the band has all the verve and excitement one expects from a rock band, especially at full volume.

So welcome back to Seattle. Good to see you again.

Through Dec. 18, at the Paramount, 911 Pine St., Seattle, (800-745-3000 or stgpresents.org).

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