“Mechanics of Love” offered by SIS Productions

If you don’t have plans for tonight (Nov. 5, Saturday) consider going down to the Theatre Off Jackson for the final performance of “Mechanics of Love.”

Because I was away, I couldn’t see it until Nov. 4, and what a shame. It deserves the larger audience that a good review sometimes creates.

It’s charming. Four characters fall in love, forget, exchange mates, forget, play charades, and dance. And did I mention “forget”? It’s funny, silly, and poignant. And an added bonus comes from Van Land Pham who provides just the right bits of music at just the right times.

This crazy play in Director David Hsieh’s hands can’t help but charm its audience. And his droll actors, Mona Leach, Laurence Hughes, Josh Kenji, and Kathy Hsieh know just how far to take each of their parts.

So, if you don’t have any other plans for tonight, mosey on down to the International District and catch this little charmer at the Theatre Off Jackson

Nov. 5, at Theatre Off Jackson, 409 7th Ave. S., Seattle, (206-340-1049)Facebook.com/SISproductions
Twitter: @SeattleSIS
For show specific info, follow: #MoLOVE

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