“63 Trillion” at West of Lenin, Produced by Sandbox Radio in association with Mud Pay Partners

This is a witty, wonderful, wildly funny play about greedy, somewhat whacko “big money” men who the wealthy trust to husband their resources, and make their portfolios grow. Director Richard Ziman has drawn together some of Seattle’s top male performers to delight us with this insane comedy by John Bunzel. If any of you are worried about your investments as you watch the Dow Jones go up, up, up, this reminder of 2008 may not remove your fears, but it will certainly make you laugh and laugh uproariously.

Here we find ourselves in the inner offices of a major wealth management company where a bunch of jealous, back biting, portfolio managers snarl and snipe at each other like male tigers confined to a small cage. They may officially be partners, but each would as soon castrate any one of the others as invite him to dinner. They reveal themselves in Bunzel’s brilliantly funny dialog.

David Pichette and Charles Leggett

There are no women in this elegant office. This is an all boys’ playing field. The only woman on this stage comes in from the legal department late in the game. Amontine Aurore plays this lawyer with total command, and much as the male partners would like to dismiss her, it appears that she’s actually got the winning hand and winning is what it’s all about.

Playing the partners are David Gehrman, Peter Jacobs, Charles Leggett, Terry Edward Moore, and David Pichette. Their underling, Jonah, (Jason Marr) listens and learns, even more than his mentors can imagine. Each actor is terrific. Pichette plays the guru of the bunch despite the fact that he’s as nutty as the proverbial fruitcake. Perhaps that explains why he’s the oasis of calm as the other money managers are panicking while the Dow Jones falls lower and lower.

It’s a marvelous cast on this stage, and they have been given the most original comedy lines to play with. Congratulations to Ziman and his entire crew (the set is quite wonderful too) for bringing us this truly funny production.

Through Nov. 19 at West of Lenin, 203 N 36 St., Seattle
https://www.63trillionseattle.com or

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