“Double Feature” offered by Forward Flux Productions

It is indeed a double feature being offered at West of Lenin these days. Forward Flux, a relative newcomer to the Seattle theatre scene has staged two one-act plays that couldn’t be more different but which, in combination, offer something for everyone. There’s friction to be worked out in an all-girls rock band in the first piece “la moriposas Y los muertos”. There’s a sweet love story told with two good actors and a ukulele player in “No more Sad Things.”

My favorite was “No More Sad Things.” It’s a finely faceted little jewel, performed on a minimalist stage with a gifted ukulele musician charting the love story of two characters who would inevitably be seen by society as inappropriate for one another.

It’s not that the male (Lance Valdez) is Hawaiian and the female (Kiki Abba) is a sad little white woman, escaping from what is alluded to as a difficult mainland life. Oh no! It’s that this Hawaiian is 15 years old and our vacationer is 32. Now those of us who have been to Maui know that it’s a romantic place, but really . . .a grown woman with a barely pubescent teenager! Oh yes, and in this work, the relationship is beautiful even magical.

A factor that makes it so is the ukulele music that accompanies the action. Nabilah Ahmed with her instrument and sweet voice is always there, circling the lovers, observing them, all the while singing and playing her ukulele so beautifully. Judging by the stillness of the audience, I am guessing that everyone was as enchanted as I was. This production brings some of the magic of Maui right here to Seattle. It’s a real winner.

“la moriposas Y los muertos” offers a different kind of music. This is the story of a three-piece female rock band, a band that is looking for its big break, and meantime creating music almost too loud for this space. The drama offers an examination of sibling rivalry inevitable among the players. It highlights their driving ambition and examines their cultural heritage. Much of the script is in Spanish, a factor that makes it more than a little daunting for the non-Spanish speakers in the audience. If live rock concerts are your fare, you’ll like this.

Through Oct. 7 at West of Lenin, 203 N. 36 St., Seattle, 206 352-1777, Forward Flux Productions.

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