“Dreamgirls” at Village Theatre

Just what do you have to do to make your R&B all-girls group stand out among the rest? You need lots of talent…yes, of course, but also fantastic good luck, probably that most of all. “Dreamgirls” is the story of a female trio that entered a talent show at Harlem’s Apollo Theatre. They didn’t win, but given their talent, and after lots of conflicts, double crosses and heartbreaks, success was theirs.

It has been assumed that this is the story of the Supremes and Diana Ross, though no one will verify that. The musical first opened on Broadway in 1981, won six Tony’s and was made into a movie in 2006. Now Director Steve Tompkins’ extravaganza bursts forth on the Village Theatre’s stage.

Lauren Du Pree (Deena Jones), Charles Simmons (C.C. White), Alexandria Henderson (Lorrell Robinson), Angela Birchett (Effie White), and John Devereaux (Curtis Taylor, Jr.). Dreamgirls Production photo. © 2017 Mark Kitaoka

If you like R&B music, this show offers lots of it. It’s a concert wrapped around a story. The voices are big, and the orchestra, directed by R.J. Tancioco, is booming. Salvo after salvo of sound waves blast through the theatre, and almost every number is accompanied by a dazzling light show. Featuring mostly red, white, and blue lights, the beams shoot out from all sides of the stage as well as the ceiling. This lighting (created by Tom Sturge) also provides a mood that is equally effective for those tender numbers that speak to the anguish that sometimes accompanies love.

Meanwhile, the three girls who try to make it big (Angela Birchett as Effie, Lauren Du Pree as Deena, and Alexandria Henderson as Lorrell) belt out the numbers and astound us with their range, and evocation of deep emotions. The route to stardom isn’t equally successful for this threesome. Their relations with men aren’t always to their advantage. But the women are determined.

Their stage costumes are noteworthy (thanks to Karen Ann Ledger’s creativity). Most of the numerous outfits they wear are spectacular. They glitter; they shine; they flounce; they miraculously transform into something wholly different before your very eyes.

I repeat: this is a concert wrapped around a story. The story is almost too convoluted, too secondary to the music. What you have in this production are remarkable visual effects and a potpourri of R&B music well presented.

Through July 2 at the Francis J. Gaudette Theatre, 303 Front St. N., Issaquah, and from July 7 to July 30 at the Everett Performing Arts Center, 2710 Wetmore Ave., Everett, 425-257-8600 or VillageTheatre.org.

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