“Greensward” Presented by MAP Theatre

Madcap mayhem! It’s written by Seattle’s own R. Hamilton Wright, directed by local actor/director Richard Ziman, and playing for only two more nights at 12th Ave. Arts. If you like social commentary encased in broad humor, try to get here this weekend.

Poor agronomist Dr. Hei (pronounced “hay” as in the variety of grass and here played with charming naiveté by Kevin Lin) has come up with a hardy grass seed that produces lawns that never need to be mown. Plant them once. You’ll have a lush greensward from hence forward. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well not so fast . . . if you are a lawnmower manufacturer, own a lawn maintenance company, sell grass seed or have any other business interest in lawn maintenance, this breakthrough spells economic disaster.

All too soon, those whose business interests are endangered by his brilliant discovery overwhelm him. They, of course, want to quash word of his miraculous seed. They have, however, a formidable opponent—a hard driving PR consultant, well played by Peggy Gannon, whose feminine charms equal her business savvy.

From Congressional hearings, to a party at the French Ambassador’s house, our poor naive hero is catapulted into a new world. And one of the really, really wonderful things about all that happens to him is the manner in which the playwright has inserted references and even characters from cultural icons like the “Maltese Falcon”, “Day the Earth Stood Still” and several others. Added fun is in seeing how many you can identify.

The play could use a little judicial cutting, but it offers food for thought wrapped in a remarkable humor.

Through July 29 at 12th Ave. Arts, 1620 12th Ave. S., Seattle, Map tickets are always offered at “Name-Your-Own-Price, http://greensward.bpt.me?

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