“TEH Internet is Serious Business” produced by Washington Ensemble Theatre

Calling all geeks, nerds, and super cool computer aficionados! Washington Ensemble Theatre has mounted a show designed for you and all your programmer, coder, hacker friends. It speaks your languages (enunciated and coded).

For others who still read books on paper and remember when electronic typewriters were cutting edge, you might be somewhat confused by this production. Let me amend that, you will probably be terribly confused by this production. But that’s not to say you won’t find things to like a lot about it.

As director Wayne Rawley reminds the audience in the playbill, “This play is full of jokes and insults…by people trying to make each other laugh at any expense….” And you will laugh, and. yes, sometimes you may be terribly puzzled. At other times you’ll be irritated because it’s so juvenile. But I suppose that’s the point. Think about who was and probably still is in the forefront of this digital revolution. It’s the image of a teenage boy that pops right up.

Director Wayne Rawley and his remarkable production team have provided his audiences with visual delights. The stage is composed of numerous levels, and the actors scamper from one to another throughout the performance, sometimes wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Their props are almost nothing but large square boxes that, like children’s blocks, can create astounding formations. This is a show to expect the unexpected.

My favorite part of the production was the lighting designed by Tristan Roberson. There are lights that create a colorful flashing checkerboard on the floor. There are 40 spotlights tucked into the back wall. The stage is sometimes bathed in red. So many lighting designs, so many colors flowing from all sides, so much to like. But don’t expect anything traditional. BTW you may walk out when the performance is over asking yourself, “Is this where theatre is headed in the digital age?” OMG!

Through Oct. 2 at 12th Ave. Arts, 1620 12th Ave., Seattle, 206-325-5105 or washingtonensemble.org.

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