Theatre 9/12 Presents “It Can’t Happen Here” Two performances Only

“It Can’t Happen Here” Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 satirical novel imagines the coming of a Fascist dictatorship in the U.S.A. and examines the responsibility of each of us to protect fragile democracy. It was timely indeed when it came out, given the rise of Hitler and Fascism in Europe and the candidacy of Huey Long in Louisiana. The New Yorker called it “a frightening book for a frightening time.”

Shortly after publication Lewis and John Moffit adapted it to the stage. Today there’s been increasing interest in the play, and a new adaptation premiered at Berkely Rep last year. Now Seattlites have an opportunity to see a staged reading performed by 17 well-known local actors.

It will be presented by Theatre 9/12 in the Parish Hall of Trinity Church, 609 8th Ave. on Sat., July 29 at 8:00 and Sun., July 30 at 2:00. Theatre 9/12 is known for superb acting. This presentation certainly has piqued my interest. You may want to see it too.

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