Heading Southwest

Would you believe that just as Seattle moves into the best weather season of the year, I move out of Seattle and resettle in Sedona, Arizona? Well it’s true, and giving up Seattle theatre is one of the most difficult aspects of the move. I have been so fortunate to have been welcomed by theatres big and small for more than eight years, graciously welcomed even after I’ve posted less than favorable reviews.

I have had the opportunity to see stunning acting, brilliant direction, to see remarkable works by modern playwrights as well by the old masters. I’ve been mesmerized by creative production values. I’ve loved seeing appreciative audiences, and been amazed at both the variety and vitality of Seattle theatre.

It’s not easy to give this up, and, of course, I can’t do it totally. So I will be returning to Seattle a few times a year, and will hope to catch some plays when I do, and post reviews of them as quickly as I can.

Thanks to all of you in the theatre community for generously sharing your talents with me these eight years, and thanks to you readers who have found value in this blog. Keep
ArtsStage-SeattleRage alive on your computer.

This is not a final curtain; it’s just an extra long intermission.

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