Seattle Museum Resources

Would you believe that just as Seattle moves into the best weather season of the year, I move out of Seattle and resettle in Sedona, Arizona? Well it’s true, and giving up Seattle museums and all of its cultural resources is one of the most difficult aspects of the move. I have been so fortunate to have been able to see remarkable traveling exhibits at the city’s larger museums and to experience creative locally developed art and science experiences at our region’s museums galleries, and exhibition spaces large and small.

I have been introduced to new-to-me local artists. I’ve revisited some of the works of my favorite world-renowned artists. I’ve been given new insights into the paintings of so many of these artists.

I’ve learned new historical facts, been made aware of hitherto unrealized connections. I’ve been introduced to science facts and connections that I never knew about. And I’ve never forgotten how lucky I have been to live in a city with these assets.

It’s not easy to give this up, and, of course, I can’t do it totally. So I will be returning to Seattle a few times a year, and will hope to catch some exhibitions when I do. Of course, I’ll post reviews of them as quickly as I can.

Thanks to all of you in the museum community for providing me and all the other Seattleites and their guests with these eight years of wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and see. And thanks to you readers who have found value in this blog. Keep ArtsStage-SeattleRage alive on your computer, and sooner or later there might be something posted that will resonate with you.

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